Portland's premier private ceremonial tattoo studio

"Conscious tattooing should be the norm! Loving atmosphere, status quo!"  Jacqueline E. Mullen, Portland, OR

"I never want to get tattooed by anyone else..."  Ustya from Highfalls, NY

"Top notch, high quality work with intention, lots of love and a bit of magic dust." Kimo Sowela, Portland, OR

"B will soon be opening a ceremonial tattoo studio, under the name Enerjahtics. I’m not really sure what that entails but I like the sound of it.

Getting a tattoo can be so many things for so may people. Reverent, spiritual, full of meaning. Fast, devil-may-care, just for laughs. Or different combinations of all the above.

It’s so nice to discover all these artists and studios, each with their unique take on tattooing."
Rodeo magazine, Stockholm, Sweden / @letsgettattoos - instagram  

"West coasters looking for body art inscriptions in a sacred spiritual tattoo temple should definitely check this special spot out."

@wingedlight ... instagram

What Clients Say About Me

"I recently had a tattoo ceremony with Bonsai and it was probably the most beautiful tattoo experience I’ve ever had!  I’m a person that does everything with intention and I like to honor all my experiences especially the kind that are permanently a part of my body whether that is a tattoo or even surgery.  Bonsai opened the session by asking what my intentions were and offered a prayer.  His presence and compassion throughout the session were remarkably shown to me and I hope that others seeking this kind of beauty around their ceremony will chose to work with him.  <3 "  Dana Ronnquist, LMT, Kingston NY 

"The experience of sacred space and Bonsai's peaceful presence while receiving my tattoo was wonderful. Thank you so much for making this moment special."  Amy Oyarzabal, Portland OR

Enerjahtics is Portland's premier private ceremonial tattoo studio. My mission is to offer not just amazing artwork but also a profound and meaningful experience.    As we all know tattooing is an ancient ritual and every time it marks an initiation; a new chapter or milestone in our lives. Whether it's our first tattoo or last, this is a sacred ceremony and we're lucky if it can be regarded as such.  Ritual tattoo is something that has been thought to be alive only in tribal areas and done without electricity. This doesn't have to be however; we can create ritual and ceremony at any moment in our lives.

"I never want anyone else to tattoo me again"

-Talia who came from NY state for a Ganesha tattoo on her arm.