Portland's premier private ceremonial tattoo studio

Every image and every tattoo idea has archetypal meaning; it's a symbol for something that we're thinking or dreaming about. The more intention and sanctity we can put into this meaning during the tattoo procedure the more powerful that intention will be throughout our lives and the more it will grow and blossom.

That is exclusively why I offer something different here.  Tattooing can be a commercial experience with little or no regard to the intention or experience or it can be a sacred ceremony which leaves both of us feeling empowered and held within our own majik. 

With a rich background in creating ceremony it's my offering to the world to help create this very special situation for your tattoo. I'm here for the folk who have said "I've always wanted to get a tattoo but never felt comfortable in any of the shops around town because they seem to lack feeling."   While many artists specialize in a certain "style" my specialty is first-time tattoos so that your initiation can be held with the upmost reverence.

In the enerjahtics studio it's just one artist and you; no one else is in the background chatting and there is no loud obtrusive music; you are welcomed to even bring your own to plug in.  Before and during your procedure will talk about the meaning and context of your design and create a specific ceremony around it to help you to embody the meaning and significance in a way that you could never forget.  This is the meaning of ceremonial tattoo.

Company Profile



Founded:  Summer Solstice 2014

Owner: Bonsai

Areas of expertise:  Plants/botanicals; Sacred geometry; Deities; Crystals; Script; etc.  I tend to specialize in an artistic and creative style that has been called 'sketchy' and 'organic'.  Just  as you'd expect from a pencil or pen drawing, I love to tattoo with that same artistic quality.  All styles and modes are possible however since it's your art work! 

No walk-ins at this time; appointment only for now.  30$ deposit required by cash, check, or paypal.


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