​This private ceremonial tattoo shop was born from the repeated requests of friends who were dissatisfied with the overall vibe of most commercial tattoo shops around town and out there in the world.  

What we noticed was that it was very easy to get some amazing artwork on your body but it was very hard, almost impossible to find a supportive setting in which to get that artwork done or to find an artist who would really create a memorable experience and help hold the majik and meaning in their client's tattoo.   Furthermore I heard lots of sad stories about negative experiences with tattoo artists who couldn't be bothered with their clients as actual people but instead just regarded them as a job.

I was given the name bonsai a long time ago because my first love in the world of art was these little trees.  From that time in my childhood though I was also drawing and painting and making things out of other things;  I, like many other artists, had the creative passion since my youth.

At the same time I have always been entranced by the natural world and the spirits that are all around us.  I've always known the importance of being reverent and prayerful, regarding each other with respect, honoring nature, making ceremony when its needed to help us here in this life.

I knew from early on that there were many ways to synthesize these things; sacred and visionary art, religious iconography, music, and of course, tattooing.  Thus was born my vision of creating ceremony with the sacred practice of body art.

Its very common for folk to say at the end of our session "i never want to be tattooed by anyone else again"...    

It's an honor and a privilege for me to do this work with all the good people. I have observed that tattooing has become a very casual thing for the most part; it's a party and its entertainment.  While this is indeed fine for those who dont mind that, it is my hope that ereonial tattooing will catch on and that other tattoo artists will be able to provide both great art as well as a profoundly positive experience to their clients just as the ancient ritual of tattooing has always been held.  

Thank you so much!!!


My commitment here in the enerjahtics studio is to create an experience where you feel supported and held as we make your artistic vision come to life on your body!  I love love to listen to the story of everyone's tattoo ideas.  I love to ask a lot of questions about it and get the whole context and meaning of why and where and how you want your design.  Sometimes its simple and sometimes its so complex and profound!  Regardless, my role here is to regard your time here together as sacred and treat is as such.  We can co-create a ceremony that suits your needs to make sure that every time you look at your tattoo or talk about it to someone or touch it that you will remember the majikal moments that we shared and the intentions that we put into it.  This can be as simple as saying some words together, burning sage, singing, chanting, or anything that is meaningful to you.  


Portland's premier private ceremonial tattoo studio